AYG ICT Centers

12 September, 2014


In Ghana most rural schools lack the necessary equipment to adequately train the students in the IT matters. It is also very frequent that the closest Internet Cafe is miles away from the school. Most of them will access a computer significantly later than their peers in the cities. This creates a significant burden and disadvantage to the the rural youth.


IMG_5002The African Youth Guild had the vision to create a network of ICT centers attached to schools in rural areas.  We designed a scheme to establish a network of ICT centers attached to primary and secondary schools in rural villages. Under this scheme, the local authorities and the students´ parents association commit resources to build the physical infrastructure to host the ICT centers and we would provides the equipment and necessary technical assistance.

The ICT centers will serve as a training facility for the school during school hours and as an Internet cafe in the evening. This way the centers should be financially sustainable once they are set-up. We started this scheme in the village of Mangyea in Western Ghana and hope to replicate it across the country.


We206 have established a collaboration with Asia Initiatives to implement a social capital program. AI has also donated our center’s first 10 computers.

Every year, young men and women from the best technical tertiary institutions around the country will perform their National Service in some of our centers, ensuring that they are well run and enhancing the quality of the technical education in these rural areas.

If you want to learn more about this project, collaborate or build one in your region, get in touch with us.




We need to thank made their contribution to these project with their hard work or donations.