About African Youth Guild

9 September, 2014


The African Youth Guild is an humanitarian, educational, and expansive society founded to promote the general uplift of Africa through unity and open development.

The vision of the African Youth Guild is to gather and empower the youth, build and maintain a world class leadership union and attain total economic emancipation for Africans through unity and open development.

The objectives of the African Youth Guild are to:

  • To promote the talent and leadership in Africa
  • To foster the recovery of the African culture and use it to project the youth to a better and more just future.
  • To train the youth with world class tools, methodologies, and techniques so that they can creatively participate in and influence the global economy.
  • To accelerate the economic development in Africa based on the principles of solidarity, sustainability, freedom and justice.
  • To defend the right of any living creature and the environment as a whole.

If you are interested or these ideals resonate with you, please get in touch with us.