Youth Empowerment and community developent


Promoting the General Uplift of Africa through Unity and Open Development.

Our Vision

To gather and empower the youth, build and maintain a world class leadership union and attain total economic emancipation for Africans through unity and open development.

Why a Guild?

A guild is an association of skilled workers participating in an open exchange of knowledge and expertise for a common beneficial purpose.


We aim to develop the talent of the African youth and build a body of servant leaders to accelerate the economic development of Africa based on the principles of solidarity, sustainability, freedom and justice


Promoting Conscious and Committed Minds

50 years ago many African countries achieved independence. This was a major achievement in African and World History. However, this accomplishment was only the first step towards a greater objective: the unification of Africa and attainment of total economic and mental emancipation. We, the youth of Africa accept the responsibility to continue the work started by our forefathers. We cannot delay the unification and emancipation of Africa and its people. We know it’ll be a long path but our minds and hearts contain the seed and will to accomplish it.

  • Openess

    Toward ideas and others, towards the past and present

  • Leadership

    Accepting only the best of oneself

  • Entreprenurship

    Assertive and creative about the challenges


    In our actions and purpose

Our Projects

We are developing projects in the are of technology, media, education, and sustainable agriculture.
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Mangyea Center for Digital Training
We are building digital centers around rural schools that serve as IT classrooms and internet centers in the after hours.
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Sankofa Food & Helath
Sankofa Food and Health is an experimental sustainable farm in the Central Region of Ghana
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Media & Music Production

Cedi BIll Entertainment
Cedi BIll Entertainment is a record label producing and promoting music talent in Africa. Most recognized artist in the label include Lyrikal King Dum

Latest News

Updates in all our fronts

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